Redeveloped version of DSpace REST API

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(for DSpace 3.0)

Important: All credits goes to https://github.com/wijiti/dspace-rest-api, this fork is just a documentated fork.

Automatic Installation

The DSpace REST API could be installed as an add-on. If using an Unix OS, there is a script that will do the work for you:

$ cd [dspace-rest-api directory]
$ ./install.sh

Manual Installation

In order to setup it manually, please use the following steps:

  1. Compile the dspace-rest-api/dspace-rest module (mvn package)
  2. Copy the generated target directory (target/dspace-rest-3.0) to the DSpace webapps directory (modify it's name from dspace-rest-3.0 to rest).
  3. Open the file WEB-INF/web.xml, replace ${dspace.dir} with the correct value (where dspace is installed).

Starting REST API

The changes only takes effect after the new web app is completely loaded. So, if the web app container (ie.: Tomcat) automatically starts the web app it wouldn't require to restart it, otherwise, you must restart the web app container.

API Documentation

After starting the REST API, visit the base url: http://<yourdomain>/rest, it will show the API documentation.